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10 Creative Sites of Google that you Probably Know

Google Underwater
Mohit Patel
Written by Mohit Patel


elgoo(Google Spelled Backwards) was a mirrored website of Google Search. An unofficial elgoowebsite was originally created by All Too Flat “For Fun” but after gaining a popularity it was registered with google since 2000.

There are total 10 themes interrelated with elgooG.

1. Google Mirror:

It was launched in 1st April, 2015. This website showing horizontally flipped search result. Just like and mirror image of Google Search. It is a fun to using it.

Google Mirror

To visit this site Click Here.


2. Google Gravity:

This site having a good compatibilities in phones as the search result is fallen down due to the gravity effect. It can be falling as per the movement of phones.

Google Gravity

To visit this site Click Here.


3. Google Terminal:

Did you know about “C” Language? Yes!! This site is based like C language. It’s font and style of showing google’s title is the process of “C” Coding. Surfing this site is good for IT users.

Google Terminal

To visit this site Click Here.


4. Google Underwater:

This theme feels you like that you are searching something inside the water. Floating of search tool, Movement of fishes gives you a feel of underwater search. Children and Creative persons must like this.

Google Underwater

To visit this site Click Here.


5. Google Pac-Man:

Pac-Man!!! Yes we are talking that game only which you were played in your childhood. Instead of google’s logo there is a panel for playing a Pac-Man. You can able to do some fun between the work before you search something new.

Pac Man

To visit this site Click Here.


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6. Google Snake Game:

In 90’s decade this game must pre installed inside the phones and people do like this game even in this 21st century. It must be a great fun with google snake theme.


To visit this site Click Here.


7. Google Guitar:

Play guitar!! Yes if you like the music then this site gives you a guitar instead of google’s logo. By using an arrow you can play this guitar and also you can able to use keyboard’s key to play it. It will be an amazing moment with guitar.

Google Guitar

To visit this site Click Here.


8. Bing Wallpaper:

In this you can able to find the various kind of wallpaper which can blow your mind. You can also be able to download and save it into your devices. Nice site for photo lover.

Bing Wallpaper

To visit this site Click Here.


9. IP Location:

Did you want to know about your location, Latitude, Longitude, and IP address. If yes, then you have to visit this site. It can also showing your location on map with the text. But for this your location or GPS must be ON for the better accuracy.


To visit this site Click Here.


10. Bing Mirror:

It is just like a google mirror but in this; it is a flipped horizontal search of bing. It is an amazing search option for the bing users.

Bing Mirror


To visit this site Click Here.


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Hope you feels good after knowing about these creative sites of Google.

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