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How to accept and invite Multiple Facebook Friends Request at Once

Mohit Patel
Written by Mohit Patel

Grow your business by increase your Friends and Likes on Facebook Page.

In a current generation Facebook is a most popular social networking site. Day by day user gets more and more friend requests from the world wide. Sometimes some users are not able to use facebook on daily basis. So they are having a problem of pending friend request, messages and notifications. Thus today we are coming with a new cool trick which will give you a comfort to accepting a bulk friend request at 1 click.

To use this trick Follow Below Steps:

Step 1: First you must have to get Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension.


Step 2: Visit


Step 3: Start Facebook Social Toolkit by clicking on extension icon. And Select Accept Multiple Friend Requests At Once from menu items.



Now we are showing you how to invite multiple facebook friends to like your facebook page and event. Due to the facebook policies generally we are not able to invite more than 50 friends at a same time. But due to our smart trick you have been able to invite facebook friends as much as you want.

With these tricks you can grow your business or your popularity.


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To use this trick Follow Below Steps:

Step 1: Click on Facebook Toolkit Extension.


Step 2: Now you should know your facebook page id (numeric value). Don’t worry here also some tricks to know facebook page id. Now click on FBID and get your facebook page id.

Step 3: Now enter your page id and delay time and click on invite all. All done enjoy likes.


Have fun with this cool tricks.!! Grow your followers. Increase your facebook page likes without any effort. Be lazy think Crazy@@

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