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Western digital Announced Biggest 14 TB Hard Drive

Western digital Announced Biggest 14 TB Hard Drive
Mohit Patel
Written by Mohit Patel

Western digital Announced Biggest 14 TB Hard Drive

Hello!!!! Are you having a so much data to keep? To keep 4-5 hard Drives with you feels irritation? Then no need to worry because American Based Western Digital Data Storage is announces about the 14 TB Hard Drive which is going to be so much helpful to the people who are associated with the Photography, Video Making lovers and the Bloggers who are travelling through the world.

"American based information Storage Company; western digital had simply announced document-breaking 14 TB helium-crammed hard drives which are anticipated to reach later 12 months."

Western digital Announced Biggest 14 TB Hard Drive

American based Data Storage Company, western virtual had just introduced 14 TB Hard Drive. It might be available from mid 2017. But, now hard drives cannot get that much of good attention; due to availability of the Solid State Drive.

Western digital Announced Biggest 14 TB Hard Drive

HDD still avails at less cost per gigabyte compare to Solid State Drive. Western virtual changed into the first one to carry Helium-filled hard drives to the market and now the enterprise is doubling down on its technology via introducing 14 TB force this is coming within the near destiny.

14 TB Hard Drive became the best-potential hard pressure evolved yet, Western Digital is going to beats Seagate’s 12 TB Hard Drives by introducing 14 TB Hard Drive. The 14 TB hard drives is a bigger capacity model of the 12 TB HGST (HITACHI)  Ultra star He12 PMR Hard Drives, which is likewise shipped for test.

Western digital Announced Biggest 14 TB Hard Drive

Now if we discussed about amount of storage available inner drives, Led from front is seen in the mechanical drives. But, this year’s Seagate 60 TB SSD that has eclipsed all forms of storage’s in terms of the entire quantity of data you could keep in an enclosure.

14 TB Hard Drive is for records facilities which want massive storage to store facts associated with databases, social networks or cloud apps. It is filled with Helium which is lighter compare to the air and generally it is used in Balloon. Helium gas is thought for enhancing the lifestyles and electricity performance of hard drives.

Western digital’s spokespersons haven’t found out whatever concerning pricing or availability information of the 14 TB Hard Drive. But, we may want to assume that it isn’t always going to be reasonably-priced. So, what do you thick about the price? Tell us your thoughts about the prices and attention in the comment section below.

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