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Ever Try Whatsapp as a Search Engine?

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Today, Exclusive we will be sharing useful trick. How to use Whatsapp as well as Search Engine parallelly.

Recently Whatsapp got tough competitor that is Google Allo . But Still Whatsapp is ruling on market and why not. Because it is easy to use and has a clear value proposition as an instant message platform. It is having great features for multimedia and group communication.

Now we will be discussing about the one of the feature that are many people doesn’t know. Do you know how to use whatsapp as well as search engine at a same time? Now whatsapp is working as search engine; it will show you every thing like google does that too in it’s messaging app itself. Therefore, We are showing you this trick how to use Whatsapp as Search Engine.

How to Active Whatsapp Search Engine Macro On Your Phone?

Step 1:

First You need to create a contact with name “Search Engine” and add this number “+91 9043007237”; to activate this Service.

Step 2:

Now You need to open Whatsapp and then Go to the Options (Three Dots Shown in the upper right corner). From there you need to click on “New Group”.


Step 3:

Now name the group “Search Engine”  or whatever you like, and when it will ask you to add group participants simply add the newly created contact “Search Engine” there.

name-group[mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″]add-contact

Step 4:

Once the group has been created whatsapp search engine is ready to use. You will receive a message which will show you some tips on how to use this new search engine.


Woah!! You are done, now you just need to search for your queries in the Group itself. Simply type the message “Search (Your Topic)” and then hit the send button.

Note: You can also be able to use this Search Engine in your Existing Groups. But all you need to do is just add contact with “+91 9043007237” in your existing group and start enjoying the service.

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Codes to Use Whatsapp Search Engine.

1. If you want Wikipedia info, Simply type Wiki (Your topic without brackets) and send to the group.


2. To Join the English news channel you need to type “+NEWS” and send it to the group.(You can also unsubscribe any time by sending “-NEWS”).


3. You can also get the dictionary here, To know the meaning of any words just send “+DICT (YOUR WORD)” to the group.


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4. You can also join football and cricket channel by sending “+CRICKET AND” “+FOOTBALL”  inside the group.

dictionary[mks_separator style=”blank” height=”2″]football

5. Want to play GK Quiz? yes! then just send “+GK “ to the group.


6. It can also offers following channels.


7. You can also get your Train Status and PNR Status. for example: Train Status (train 12780) and PNR Status (pnr 4567894506).

8. You can also Find out your area’s Weather (weather Your area pincode).


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So, this is the trick how to activate Whatsapp as a Search Engine. This trick is very useful to you if you are looking for a Search Engine app. Still had any query feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Hope you will like this article. Share this with your friends too.

Next time we will be back with a new trick which will very useful to you.

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