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Google introducing new messaging app “Allo”!

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Google introducing it's free messaging app Allo!

Google, an Internet giant always comes with exiting Products & High end software. This time Google introducing new messaging app “Allo”!

Now a day’s people obsessed with Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. Both messaging apps have lots of features including calling facility, Sticker sharing but what they lack is All – In – One Format. They don’t have much customization option in chatting.

Now, let’s talk about Google Allo. Google Allo is all you want, what every messaging app should.  Google Allo is a mixture of all messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, I message (Apple), Hike messenger.

▭ Here are some advance Features of Google Allo:

  1. Smart Reply : We can say that Google feels your Emotions. It allows you with single tap by suggesting text & emoji responses based on your Personality.SmartReplay
  2. Customize Size of Text : Allo allows you to change text size of your text particular text bubble. It will not affect other chat bubble’s text size.It seems like you are shouting with big font sized text or hold your breath by smaller one or something like you are whispering.Customizesizeoftext
  3. Image Doodling : Google Allo lets you edit any image with adding text or creating memes.Image Doodling
  4. Sticker Mania : You know what I mean. I mean you can send sticker to your Friends with stocks of different stickers.Sticker Mania
  5. Google Assistant : This should be the most promising feature of Google Allo.This feature is like “One Man Army” to other messaging Apps. Google Assistant helps you each and every way you need.Just type “@google” in starting your chat and Google Allo literally becomes a search engine for you. Like searching nearby Places, Restaurants, Hotels, Gyms or anything you want.Google Assistant reacts like it is your PA (Personal Assistant).You can ask about your next flight, your next booked event, and also distance to that place and average time to reach that place. It means all most everything.Google Assistant
  6. Privacy : Privacy is the most useful feature that we all need today. Suppose you are chatting personally with someone and don’t want to share anyone. Then go to incognito and start end to end encryption (Sound like Whatsapp!).You can also turn off notifications by private chat and set times to expire that chat message.Privacy

So, that all about Google’s new messaging app “ALLO”.

Let’s see How far it goes. Hope it will get Success.


Stay tuned to get more interesting news and tricks about Digital Technologies.




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