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Google launches a Brand New Operating System

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Google launches a Brand New Operating System

Google launches a Brand New Operating System

Hello!  You will be surprised after knowing that Google has recently launched New Operating System on Tuesday.

Google launches a Brand New Operating System.

The tech large Google introduced on Tuesday a similarly variant of android OS: android things. Because the name shows, it will be geared toward safety cameras, routers, audio system or anything else connected to the internet. It is some other step from the tech giant Google to place android anywhere, then from Smartphone to wearable, televisions and cars.

As recalled through Ars Technica, android things isn’t always precisely new, as it came from the Brillo, an working system that’s without a doubt designed for the net of things which was announced in 2015 by way of the tech large Google.

The difference is that android things will use the same tools that android builders are already accustomed, inclusive of android studio and Google play offerings, which must facilitate the adoption of the brand new platform.

Google-brillo-operating-system-for-internet-of-things copy

 Android matters are an android with the intention to run on very simple hardware, with fundamental chips and little ram. For now, the improvement platform is compatible with raspberry PI 3 (which additionally runs home Windows 10 IoT Center), Intel Edison and NXP top. Within the destiny, the device will guide weave, a protocol that connects devices to Google’s servers, permitting manage over voice commands with the Google assistant.

However the part I found most thrilling is that, consistent with Google, “now any android developer can speedy build a smart tool the use of app is of android and Google services, while it remains extraordinarily secure with direct updates from Google”. The tech large Google will provide a framework for producers to distribute machine updates and security patches.

 The dearth of updates is one of the largest troubles of protection cameras and other linked gadgets, running susceptible variations of Linux and utilized by hackers to trigger massive DDoS attacks, achieving over 1 terabit according to second and already took several famous air offerings.

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