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How to Earn money with Indian Government at Home

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How to Earn money with Indian Government at Home

How to Earn money with Indian Government at Home

Now a days it is Evolution of Digitization. It Creates more opportunity to earn money online from home. There are many websites available where they pay you for click or see advertise on each site. Just because that we can say that there are many way to earn online last time we have posted article about earn money with E-commerce websites. I hope that you like our previous post on earn money.


As of this day we have a unique trick or we can say that opportunity to how to earn money with Indian Government at home. Now a day’s our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is trying to make Digital India that give us more opportunity to earn money at home. We all do not like to do job in short we can say that we don’t like anyone as our Boss but don’t worry about it we start new category How to Earn on Tricomputo we will update all article on how to earn at home.

The Government of India started new initiative work related Digital India. By this work not only you can earn 10,000 /- per month but you also help Government  to make Digital India. If you want to earn money with Indian Government at home you must have a Internet connection and typing speed. 🙂

What work should I do for Indian Government?

Prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi trying to make all government work computerized for that all government file which formed in Hard copy they trying to convert in Digital form all files are scanned which is available on Government file you can type all data and earn from online by just typing some sentences or words.

Step :- 1


First Register yourself from digitizeindia.gov.in

Step :- 2


We will guide you on signup process first you have to Aadhar Card and Indian Citizenship. After than you should fill all your details like E-mail, Mobile No etc.

Step :- 3


After complete registration they are verify your account  once it will be verified you can start you work.

Data is in JPEG format you have to complete task which provide some words in column which is available in your dashboard.

How do i Calculate my Earning ?


If you are doing typing job on Digital India  you can earn rewards point  1 reward point is equal to 0.2 Rupees if you have 20 to 40 words per minute typing speed you can earn 10,000/- rupees per month at home by doing simple work.

What is minimum threshold ?

If you want to redeem your earnings you have to minimum 2500 rewards (500 Rupees) point in your account.

Note: Your rewards point has been dedicated if you doing mistake in typing so you need better accuracy of type writing.

Don't be Ideal during Typing

Don’t leave your screen Ideal during work. If you are doing work than do continuously. If you are not doing work than close the task immediately. If you leave your screen Ideal than there may be a chance for the reduction of your reward points if you are not understanding any data there is a option to leave it you should not have to use skip option for money times due to that there may be a chance of creation of negative impression and your rewards point start getting dedicated.

To know about more and more work for the earning kindly visit our website and join our news letter for more updates on how to earn topic feel  free to tell us about the content or if you are having updates than let us know we will surely post it on our website thanks and keep in touch with us. 🙂

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